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Think again!  This website is packed with FREE SHORT-CUTS to accelerate your language learning.  It has tips, publications, tools, articles, links and language learning resources galore. 
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Below you'll find SMART LANGUAGE LEARNING TIPS for people who are short of time.

TIP 200

Computer processing.

Do you make the most of your computer in your language learning?  Have you downloaded useful tools, templates, software and games?  Apply all that computer power towards achieving your goals today.  Positive Partnerships Ltd 2007


TIP 199

People power.

How many people do you know fluent in your target language?  Are you making the most of learning from them?  Have you asked them for help and advice?  Build your network further through language exchange groups.  Positive Partnerships Ltd 2007


TIP 198

Huge strides.

Have a couple of days when you consciously look to make “mega progress”.  Embrace the challenge of pushing yourself harder and jumping ahead a level!  Positive Partnerships Ltd 2007


TIP 197

Picture dictionaries tip.

These offer a fun, visual way to learn especially for specialised vocabulary.  Positive Partnerships Ltd 2007


TIP 196

Winning bet.

Make a bet with a friend about your progress.  It obviously needs to be a measurable goal and an attractive reward should you succeed.  You’d be surprised how motivating this can be!  Positive Partnerships Ltd 2007


TIP 195

Volunteer your language skills.

Are you making the best of every opportunity to practice?  Be the first to give others the benefit of your knowledge.  Positive Partnerships Ltd 2007


TIP 194

Get excited.

Enthusiasm is the key that opens the door to fluency.  If you can’t get excited about your language then dig deeper to find new motivation.  Positive Partnerships Ltd 2007


TIP 193

Repeat again and again.

Repetition is one of the most underrated and effective learning techniques.  The more you repeat the more familiar it gets, especially if you introduce small variations in the way you do it.  Positive Partnerships Ltd 2007


TIP 192

How hard can it be?
If you're experiencing a moment of doubt then remember how many non-native speakers have already learned the language.  The truth is that no challenge is insurmountable.  Find role models who you can relate to.  Positive Partnerships Ltd 2007


TIP 191

Are you technically minded?

Technical vocabulary may not be that tough if it’s in your field.  If you use it in your job then you have a daily opportunity to practice your new words.  Positive Partnerships Ltd 2007


TIP 190

Linguistic role play.

Pretend you are someone else and play out a given situation in the language.  Polish your acting skills.  Better still if you can practice with a pal.  Positive Partnerships Ltd 2007


TIP 189

A sense of accomplishment.

Make a list of what you've achieved, versus where you started in the language.  Marking your progress keeps you strong and motivated.  Positive Partnerships Ltd 2007


TIP 188

Write sentences.

One of the best ways to cement your learning is to create sentences in the language.  Think of it like a good work out: the struggle is what generates the positive end result.  Positive Partnerships Ltd 2007


TIP 187

Resolve it and move on.

If you find something tricky don’t let it fester.  Just have a mini blitz to understand it and move on!  The more problems you solve the faster you’ll become fluent.  Positive Partnerships Ltd 2007


TIP 186

Divide and conquer.

Certain words and phrases seem daunting, either because of their length or quirky pronunciation.  Break them down into small chunks (e.g. by syllable or phonetic sound) and you’ll master them with practice.  Positive Partnerships Ltd 2007


TIP 185

Dictionary addict.

Instead of using your dictionary to look up new words, flick through it randomly in idle moments.  You’ll be amazed at how much extra vocabulary you’ll absorb.  Positive Partnerships Ltd 2007


TIP 184

How closely do you listen?

When you hear a native speaker in the language, do you hear a sequence of words or a blur of sounds?  Familiarity is the key.  Persevere until you start to distinguish unfamiliar words well enough to look them up.  Positive Partnerships Ltd 2007


TIP 183

Typical cuisine.

Every country and indeed, many regions within countries, have their local specialities.  Learn what they are to enrich your knowledge substantially.  Positive Partnerships Ltd 2007


TIP 182

Goal revision.

You may have set your goals for learning a language some time ago, so do you regularly revisit and update them?  It keeps your motivation fresh and continues the momentum.  Positive Partnerships Ltd 2007


TIP 181

Plan your future.

Make a list of all your lifetime aspirations starting each sentence with “I will…”.  Do this in the target language rather than your mother tongue.  Not only will these aspirations inspire but will also help you master the future tense.  Positive Partnerships Ltd 2007


TIP 180

Pause for recall.

Sometimes you feel “stuck” for a word in the foreign language that you thought you knew.  Don’t worry.  Just take a pause and a deep breath and chances are, it’ll come to you!  Positive Partnerships Ltd 2007


TIP 179

Collective gain.

Set up a group of study partners interested in tackling the challenges of the language with you.  You can subdivide topics and present them to each other, each of you benefiting from everyone's legwork.  Celebrate with a meal, drink or trip afterwards!  Positive Partnerships Ltd 2007


TIP 178

Geographic exploration.

Find a map of a country that speaks your language.  Make sure it contains place names in the native language, not translations.  Memorise them and plan your next trip there while you learn!  Positive Partnerships Ltd 2007


TIP 177

Lip reading tip.

When a native speaker is talking rapidly, why not try to lip read them?  This can make all the difference in helping you understand.  Positive Partnerships Ltd 2007


TIP 176

Write it down.

How often do you say “eureka” for grabbing a vital piece of learning?  How often does a key word or phrase in the language come back to you suddenly?  Make the benefits last by writing everything down.  Maintain a single journal for simplicity and keep it with you at all times.  Positive Partnerships Ltd 2007


TIP 175

Play to your strengths.

What do you do best?  How could you incorporate this talent into your language learning?  Play to your natural strengths for fast results.  Positive Partnerships Ltd 2007


TIP 174

Holiday time.

Can you combine holidays with language learning?  You could do a language course, join a special interest group while visiting the country or simply prepare some key phrases before you go.  There’s nothing more rewarding.  Positive Partnerships Ltd 2007


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